Securely manage, control and automate your cryptoassets activities with TrustVault—our flexible FCA registered, insured, crypto custodial wallet platform. 

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Features Hero@5-1920x915 v2

Highlighted Features

Making crypto custody safer, faster and easier

Institutional MetaMask

Get access to new protocols quickly with DeFi access to over 17000 DApps on layer 1 and 2. Generate returns with trading, staking, lending and borrowing in DeFi

FCA Registration

Bitpanda Custody is a registered cryptoassets firm with the UK Financial Conduct Authority

Cryptoasset Insurance

Crypto custody insurance provided by Marsh. Insurance information available on request.

Custom Rules

Includes DeFi Firewall, Flow processor, Threshold Signing & Multisig. Our customers can stipulate rules based on the smart contract address, methods, or parameters

DeFi Firewall

Implement DeFi Firewall rules for smart contracts - Apply manual or automated safeguard allow/deny list controls on all smart contract transactions for extra security

Get Started

Ready to see Bitpanda Custody’s TrustVault in action? If you are an institution, service provider, or token issuer currently investing or considering investing in cryptoassets, we can help with your crypto custody needs.