TrustVault Platform

Our Features

Go beyond crypto custody with features in our Genesis and Genesis Plus tier plans that enable individuals and businesses to handle any financial transaction on-chain, on-DeFi and on-exchange.  We make it safer, faster and easier for our clients to safeguard assets and meet their financial needs or regulatory requirements. 

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Headline Features

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DeFi Services

Secure your DeFi operations with custodied keys and transaction rules by using our MetaMask and WalletConnect integrations, or via our APIs. Support Ethereum-based NFTs and more. Receive protocol alerts and report on your transactions.

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Automate your operations with our GraphQL APIs, JavaScript SDKs, Webhooks and Service Blueprints.

Core Features

Point-in-time View - Valuation Reporting

Get a true picture of your NAV.  Download your portfolio history that allows you to see the value of all your assets deposited on protocols by a point-in-time view. Specify by timepoint, frequency and by the number of valuations.

Exchange Wallet TOTP Codes

TrustVault now allows you to store your exchange wallet TOTP codes (with or without the exchange API key) for secure/controlled access.  

Flow Processor

Automate actions on events or transactions simultaneously with TrustVault against pre-configured rules. Create a library of automation scripts to initiate transactions, sweep assets to interest-bearing accounts, and more.   

Threshold signing

Create rules to only sign transactions if the value is lower than the limit set with our automated co-signing service.

Webhook risk data

TrustVault webhooks can query compliance data linked to the sender of a transaction on inbound wallet transactions for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

DeFi reporting

DeFi transactions in one view and report.  Drive better end-of-month reconciliation and reporting for easy compliance.

Receive, hold and send crypto

Securely safeguard and administer BTC, ETH, ERC-20 and XDC with our web and mobile apps, and our APIs.

Use DeFi DApps

Securely sign and submit DeFi transactions using MetaMask and WalletConnect integrations.

Insurance backed

Supported cryptoassets in eligible wallets are insurance backed by Marsh for financial crime coverage.


Bitpanda Custody is an FCA registered custodian wallet provider, per 5th AML directive definition. Our built-in KYC and KYT controls ensure we can monitor all users and transactions for AML compliance.

Inter-exchange fund transfers

Securely transfer assets on, off and between centralised exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken with on-exchange wallets. We custody API keys across exchanges to support streamlining treasury management and mitigating holding and fiduciary risk.

Share wallets

Allow groups of users to access wallets and send transactions with flexible multi-sig rules.

Segregate funds

Create as many addresses as you need with sub-wallets. One per customer, deposit, payment etc. 

Improve BTC privacy

Create a brand new BTC change address for every new transaction and hold an infinite number of receive addresses in one wallet.

Limit beneficiaries

Setup beneficiary address allow-lists to prevent unauthorised transfers.

Enforce custom rules

Create custom rules from scratch, or use our DeFi and Compliance blueprints to prevent unauthorised transfers.

Buy crypto with fiat

Use your credit card or bank transfer to buy crypto through our payment broker MoonPay.

Get notified

Receive email, mobile push and webhook notifications whenever cryptoassets are transferred into one of your addresses, transactions require approval, or there is a DeFi protocol event of interest.

View accounts 24/7

See balances and transactions across your wallets and sub-wallets in real-time in the currency of your choice via web, mobile and API, or export to CSV.

Get help as a user

Use our self-help knowledgebase, or chat and email us.

API Features

Automate with APIs and SDK

Create new addresses on demand, sign and send transactions, query balances, develop your own flows and much more with our secure GraphQL APIs and JavaScript SDK. 

Get deposit callbacks

Configure webhooks to receive HTTP callbacks whenever one of your addresses receives funds. The callback payload includes risk data and decoded transaction details, especially useful when dealing with DeFi transactions.

Get approval callbacks

Configure webhooks to receive sending approval HTTP callbacks, which can be processed by an automated service.

Develop custom rules

Use our Co-signing Service blueprint to develop your own custom rules, and host the service yourself, or let us do it for you.

Get developer help

Enhanced technical support and guidance with access to documentation via our help portal or live assist via a dedicated Slack channel.

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