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Three reasons institutional investors are

choosing TrustVault for DeFi custody...



Secure, fast resilient PaaS

Make the most of your exposure on volatile assets like wBTC or ETH behind an end-to-end hardware secure, insured platform that's as safe as cold storage at the speed of hot.



Instant transactions with balances live 24/7

Enjoy subsecond transaction processing times with zero compromise to security and never miss an opportunity in DeFi. Tap exchanges like UniSwap and dYdX that let you earn a yield.



User-friendly custodial wallet

Earn interest on stable coins while keeping some exposure through secure access to DeFi lending applications like Aave or Compound from the convenience of mobile, desktop or APIs. 

...And here’s WHY

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Maximise Yield

Unrivaled DApp access

We provide secure access to any Ethereum based DeFi DApp for crypto funds, market makers and trading desks without compromising on institution-required security, operational efficiency, and compliance.   

  • Connect to DeFi using one of our bespoke integrations with MetaMask and WalletConnect
  • Tap NFT markets or ERC-20 tokens with custodied keys
  • Access any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer 1 and layer 2 chain
  • Sign any Ethereum based transaction or for any terms and conditions set to connect to Etherum DEXs, lending platforms and more

Automate & Secure Everything

Efficient investment processes and security

Multisig wallets, custom transaction rules, alerts and notifications that let you optimise trade flows safely and securely and skip the multiple transactions, sign offs, and accumulating gas fees on the way to an investment destination.

  • Benefit from our tried and tested bank-grade encryption and security through our scalable HSM and AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Gain peace of mind with insurance coverage brokered by Marsh
  • Transact instantly - low latency
  • Create a DeFi walled garden closed loop system for the protocols you only need
  • Manage account access at the organisation, user, protocol and asset levels
  • Segregate funds and share policies across sub-wallets
  • Report on all your DeFi transactions in one view and report
  • Set threshold signing limits
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Satisfy Regulators & Investors

Advanced compliance  mechanisms

Leverage advanced built-in compliance capabilities that include know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-transaction (KYT) frameworks and high-risk assessments. Safely transact with decentralised pools and pseudonymous counterparties.

  • Query compliance data linked to the senders of your transaction on inbound wallet transactions for BTC and ETH with our webhooks
  • Simulate your transactions in DeFi with human readable decoded data before you execute. Understand who you are sending funds to and where. 

Typical DeFi investment process on Ethereum today* 


Step 1

Assets in cold storage


Step 2

Set up a DeFi non-custodial hot wallet


Step 3

Transfer cold storage assets to a DeFi ‘hot’ wallet

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Step 4

Connect hot wallet to MetaMask for transaction signing


Step 5

Connect hot wallet to Ethereum DApp


Step 6

Initiate transaction from hot wallet

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Step 7

Sign transaction with MetaMask


Step 8

Broadcast to mainnet for mining

*Source: MetaMask

How DeFi investing works

With Bitpanda Custody

icon-1 TrustVault

By Bitpanda Custody

TrustVault is the only custodial wallet today with its own bespoke forked MetaMask integration and DeFi Firewall rules. Using TrustVault's forked MetaMask extension gives you extra security as you’re now using custodied keys with an insured provider, Bitpanda Custody. 

Read the tutorial on how to Swap ETH for Matic and deposit tokens onto Aave OR watch the video on how to use TrustVault with Uniswap.

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