Jun 25, 2020

Meeting Requirements for World Class Cryptocurrency Custody

Fund managers are increasingly interested in the benefits that crypto could offer their portfolios given its price volatility as an asset class which can create opportunity in the market for arbitrage plays, high-frequency trading, and hedging /speculating with leverage to support maximising earnings potential.  One thing that is still giving many institutional investors pause to take positions in cryptoassets, however, is the requirement that the value of those assets be custodied and safeguarded much in the same way traditional assets are. Institutions have a need to see a focus on security, compliance, transparency, governance and speed without compromising one for the other to comfortably use and transact with crypto.

Remarkable progress has been made in solving the pain points of digital asset custody in the blockchain space and Trustology shares its thoughts from a reliable security approach in this eForex article.

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