Next Step for Institutional DeFi? Institutional NFTs

Trustology founder and CEO Alex Batlin discusses his company’s role as a crypto custodian, and how companies can leverage NFTs for investing and borrowing.

Ahead of Trustology's recent press announcement on NFT support for institutional and individual investor support, Coindesk's Ian Allison broke the story on the "explosion that's happening in NFTs, which can be thought of as blockchain-based title deeds to a digital artifact. The trend is a carry-on from things like the original CrypoKitties phenomenon in 2017, with the technology (Ethereum’s ERC-721 token standard) later morphing its way deep into the world of digital art." 

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How Corporations Are Getting Into the NFT Space

Following up on Trustology's interview, Coindesk TV reached out to Founder and CEO Alex Batlin to appear on their inaugural launch of "First Movers" and discuss the company’s role as a custodian of corporate digital assets, and how corporations can leverage NFTs for investing and borrowing

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