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Apr 1, 2020

The Fintech Keeper of Secrets in a Game of Trust Worth Trillions

Can crypto and decentralised blockchain pass the trust and convenience test?  If they can, then Trustology is in for an incredible ride.  CEO and Founder Alex Batlin’s two-year-old FinTech start-up, Trustology, has already lured $8m in seed funding and has jaw-dropping growth potential.

Cryptocurrency is like online dating. For some it’s alluring and full of promise; for others it’s confusing, risky and best avoided. Alex Batlin is a fan. For him, crypto assets and the system on which they’re built – blockchain – are the future. So strongly does he believe in them that he’s founded a company that relies on their global proliferation. The performance of Trustology – just two years old – suggests he’s backing an exciting horse. It has already raised $8m in seed funding. Why?

Cooper Parry speaks to an entrepreneur who wants to disrupt banking’s traditional business models to find out more… 

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