Trustology Integrates WalletConnect for DeFi Secure Access

Trustology now provides users with more choice in how they choose to access DeFi DApps securely through our WalletConnect integration.

WalletConnect is now enabled for use with Trustology’s custodial wallet platform, TrustVault. The facilitation marks a further enhancement to its TrustVault + MetaMask integration giving both institutional and individual users more flexibility in accessing DeFi DApps. 

WalletConnect is supported by over 50 DApps including some of top financial applications such as Uniswap, Kyberswap, Sushiswap and Aave.  See here  for more information on how to set up WalletConnect on your existing TrustVault wallet or to start using TrustVault, talk to us.

The crypto economy is evolving at lightning speed. At present #DeFi stands at a record USD$23 billion in total value locked, exceedingly surpassing its initial prediction of hitting USD$5 billion in 2020. The key preemptor - High yield and risk-free strategies through staking on DeFi projects like Aave and Compound Finance. 

With more companies now entering the DeFi ecosystem in the hopes of maximizing earnings potential and growing their investments, there is demand for more secure access, visibility and control over transactions as they explore multiple protocols in their quest for opportunity. This is where an insured custodian like Trustology can help safeguard assets and administer any financial transaction in DeFi through its robust suite of DeFi services across access, rules, flows and notifications. 

How to use TrustVault with WalletConnect


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