Oct 23, 2019

TrustVault for MetaMask: Download Now

What if you could sign and verify any Ether decentralised finance transaction using your private keys in a secure way?  

Now users can, as TrustVault will be integrating with MetaMask, a web-browser plugin for Ethereum. By syncing the TrustVault custodial wallet with MetaMask, DApp users will now have the option to use their TrustVault wallet private keys instead of MetaMask’s local key store to support the signing and verifying of any Ethereum decentralised finance transaction across different websites, without compromising their security or access. 

Users will also be enabled to run decentralised applications through a browser without having to run a full Ethereum node. With our new MetaMask plugin, users can now also prove ownership of their private keys and addresses which fully supports ethsign and contract creation

The merging of these two innovations provides customers with a more secure wallet alternative to be able to develop their own assets, financial products or applications.  This is a significant enhancement to the functions of TrustVault, which is Trustology’s first core product to market.  To get started, follow the link below.  You'll need to first download TrustVault from the Apple iOS store before you can sync TrustVault with MetaMask. 

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