TrustVault. The Safest Crypto Account for Institutional Investors

TrustVault. The crypto custodial wallet platform for institutional investors that's safer, faster & easier. Watch the intro video to learn more.

Introducing TrustVault

If you are a fund looking for the highest level of security on an institutional-grade crypto custody platform with no compromise to speed or access, then TrustVault by Trustology may be the custody solution for you.

Deploy credit strategies in DeFi, rebalance funds across exchanges or meet short-term liquidity requirements. Whatever the case or need my be, we've got you covered. Watch our video intro to learn more. 


Safer, Faster and Easier with TrustVault


#1 Secure, fast and resilient

The TrustVault Platform underpins all our applications and APIs with end-to-end hardware security and front-end flexibility to enable instant transactions. It operates on a highly secure, geographically distributed network of customised HSMs and cloud-based services with integrated KYC and AML checks

#2 TrustVault your way 

Take TrustVault out-of-the-box or tailored, we work according to your needs as a fund operating in crypto markets. Use our TrustVault-based web, mobile and browser applications to securely hold cryptoassets and handle any financial transaction. Or, build your own client interfaces and automation solutions with our APIs, SDKs and webhooks.

#3 All in one place

Stay on top of moving markets with TrustVault.  Oversee your cryptoassets 24/7 on-chain or across exchanges and DeFi. TrustVault supports today’s major chains, liquid assets and exchanges as well as any DeFi protocol.


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Benefit Highlights:


  • Asset Variety & Defi support.  TrustVault supports multiple crypto assets, CeFi and DeFi environments and any transaction type

  • Segregated accounts first methodology (vs. Omnibus) allows for full flexibility

  • Transaction fee optimisation capabilities

  • Transaction re-signing proxy approach allows full DeFi support

  • Customisable policy management

  • Complete regulatory compliance integrations

  • Deployable via cloud service or API

  • PaaS or on-premise solution

  • 24/7 customer service and support for high-value institutional accounts


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