The DeFi Upgrade Not to Miss: TrustVault MetaMask Extension

By syncing the TrustVault custodial wallet with MetaMask, DApp users can access the latest DeFi Protocols & DApps. MetaMask for Institutional Users.

With the DeFi ecosystem continuing to grow and mature, it’s important for custodians to continue to up their game. The role they play in terms of easing institutional entry with secure access, utility and compliance is critical for continued adoption.

Back in 2019, Trustology announced its integration with MetaMask, which put them as the first custodial wallet to have successfully merged with the popular DApp extension. Since then, the merging of these two innovations has provided institutional and experienced investors with a more secure wallet alternative to be able to develop their own assets, financial products or applications.

By syncing the TrustVault custodial wallet with MetaMask, DApp users have the option to use their TrustVault wallet private keys in lieu of MetaMask’s local key store to support the signing and verifying of any Ethereum decentralised finance transaction across different protocol websites, without compromising their security or access. With MetaMask’s version 9 upgrade in 2021 and more recent version releases, Trustology saw an opportunity to enhance its TrustVault+MetaMask extension to:

    • Give users a better UI experience with the ability to control and select which wallets to connect to
    • Provide users with more layer 1 and 2 connectivity—Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon and Optimism to name a few




Looking to tap yield-bearing opportunities in DeFi?

To understand how to earn interest using TrustVault+MetaMask as an institutional investor, read our tutorial or watch the video below to understand more about how we support institutions in DeFi with additional services like our DeFi Firewall rules, flows and notifications.


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